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I recently upgraded my SimMan 3G manikin. Now I cannot capture my events.
  • You need to update your ETC™.
  • Remove the Simlink™ software off the instructor computer.
  • Install the newer Simlink software from the ETC™ (PDF).
How do I install the SimLink software?
  • The SimLink software is located on the ETC™.
  • Use the Web interface using a Windows computer to find it (PDF).
How do I update my ETC™?
There are two ways to update your ETC™. The first is through your network. If your ETC™ is not connected to your network, then follow the second way to update your ETC™.
  1. Connected to the network:
    • Click on the update icon (top middle).
    • Click on the green update button next to the ETC™ logo.
  2. Not Connected to the network:
    • Go to www.kbport.com and download the update to a thumb drive.
    • Version 5.2156 (revision 3973) or higher is required to update this way.
    • Follow the directions on the download page.
How do I update my Dell ETC™ to version five?
  • Sorry, version five will only work on our Fujitsu Pro+ ETC™
  • Please contact KbPort™ about upgrading your ETC™.
How do I update my Gaumard® software on the ETC™?
  1. Go to www.gaumard.com and download their software to a thumb drive.
  2. Plug the drive into the ETC.
  3. Click on the update icon (top middle)
  4. Click the green update icon next to the Gaumard® logo.
Can I still use the Gaumard® tablet if I want to teach bedside?
Yes, you can:
  1. Unplug the Gaumard® transmitter from the ETC™ and plug it into the tablet.
  2. Plug the tablet into your network (network cable from tablet to the wall).
  3. Make sure the tablet has the correct IP address for your network (talk to IT if you are not sure).
  4. Start the Monitor program on the Gaumard® monitor computer.
  5. Click on the V icon (top left).
  6. Click on Com Setup.
  7. Click on stop.
  8. Type the controller IP address (IP address of Tablet)
  9. Click on Connect.
  10. When you see the connected green box, everything is ready to go.
What does ETC™ stand for?
ETC™ stands for Event Triggered Cameras
What manikins can KbPort’s ETC™ technology link to?
KbPort’s ETC™ system can link to all major manikin brands including Gaumard®, CAE™, Laerdal™, and Simulaids™. We capture patient monitors, event logs, audio, and video digitally in real-time. No need to import log files after the recording has stopped.
Does KbPort’s recording technology capture event logs (patient logs)?
Yes. KbPort's ETC™ captures event logs in real-time while recording. Importing data after scenarios are over is not necessary.
Can KbPort™ outfit my entire facility?
Absolutely. KbPort designs and installs systems ranging from portable packages to entire facility solutions that include high fidelity simulation, standardized patient training, skills training, operation suites, standard care, and much more. Call today to inquire about our wide range of medical simulation solutions.
Can I debrief my students from anywhere on campus?
Yes. KbPort's recording database can be accessed from anywhere on your campus via the network. This allows educators to view live video, review, or debrief from any computer or classroom on the school's network.
Can I stream my live video to other campuses or locations?
Yes. KbPort™ offers the MP-1™. It is a multi-purpose HD 57” touch display that can be used for debriefing, video conferencing, distance learning, and multi-site collaboration.
Can I transport my ETC™ to different locations?
KbPortН offers both mobile and portable ETC™ solutions that are perfect for moving between rooms, across campus, and to satellite locations.
I need a system that can help me schedule and run assessments on my students.
Does KbPort™ offer software that allows me to do this?
Yes! KbPort’s WorkFlow™ software package is a learning management tool. It provides educators with scheduling and inventory, along with assessment solutions that help instructors run a more efficient simulation center.
What if I only want to record skills training without any manikins?
KbPort™ offers the S-ETC™ for skills training recording. This recorder is perfect for those who do not need to integrate with a manikin.
What do I do if I misplace or cannot find a manual for my product?
Contact KbPort's technical support team to obtain a new copy.

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