KbPort Simplicity™

Real solutions, made simple.

KbPort Simplicity

We build the most versatile, comprehensive solutions in the market, with simplicity in mind. Designed by a company that knows simulation and engineering, our solutions utilize the full power of your internal network without burdening your network's resources with unnecessary components.

Design & Manage

Simple solutions for real problems.

Whether building a new simulation center or expanding or renovating an existing center, KbPort Simplicity™, an end-to-end solution that begins with designing the ideal environment, meets the needs of any facility setup.

  • Reduce the costs of acquisition and ownership: Designed with efficiency in mind, the reduced footprint and streamlined architecture of Simplicity™ provides maximum capability using a minimum of IT resources.
  • Enjoy the benefits of real scalability: With ETC™ technology at its core, Simplicity™ efficiently serves multi-room environments, single-room high-fidelity environments, skills labs and mobile lab environments. This scalability allows clients to upscale or downscale systems to meet the needs of any lab environment with minimal impacts to IT requirements and ownership costs.
  • No longer sacrifice form for function: Simplicity™ is a platform-flexible solution, available as mobile, in-room, and dedicated systems.

Building, maintaining and managing a simulation facility is a large investment. Simplicity™ allows you to better manage that investment with the Technology Management Plan™ (TMP). TMP goes beyond today's needs of your simulation facility to protect and develop that investment for the future.

  • Eliminate costs lost to obsolescence: Simplicity™ TMP's always-current ETC core software upgrades and biennial ETC core hardware replacements protect your initial investment by enabling you to keep your systems and software up-to-date.
  • Make turnover a concern of the past: Keep new and existing key staff members well-trained and up-to-date with Simplicity™ TMP's annual on-site training.
  • Maximize the efficiency and productivity of facilitators and instructors: Simplicity™ TMP's utilization reports allow for real-time review and comprehensive analysis of system usage, enabling improved management and maximized ROI.
  • Save time and money on loss of use: Simplicity™ TMP's extended technical support enables facilitators, instructors and administrators to get answers to common problems quickly, saving time and money from loss of use. Extensive break/fix warranties further protect your system from loss of use from downtime.

Create & Capture

Realistic solutions, made simple.

In any simulation environment, realism, usability, data accuracy and accessibility are key.

Enhance the reality and depth of your simulation-based education efforts to affect a more positive educational outcome with the integration capabilities of Simplicity™.

The temporal capability of SimEMR® allows you to manage and develop patients and scenarios in a more realistic way, creating a more successful learning environment. In real medical environments, electronic health records are the central point of patient care. Why take shortcuts around this critical component in your training program? SimEMR® centralizes data from your simulation devices, allowing you to follow a patient from point of entry through the course of their entire medical care, as you would in a real medical environment.

Simplicity™ integrates with any mix of data collection devices, from SPs to high-fidelity manikins (Gaumard®, CAE™, Laerdal™ and Simulaids™), as well as KbPort's own simulators and add-on components, to streamline your simulation-based training. KbPort Simplicity™ is the only solution in the market that brings full scale reality to your simulation-based educational program.

Enjoy ease-of-use and a significantly shortened learning curve made possible by the streamlined, all-in-one Simplicity™ interface.


Debrief & Assess

Powerful solutions, made simple.

Debrief in a more complete way. Simplicity™ WorkFlow™, a feature-rich, debriefing and assessment tool set, adds an extra layer of depth to your debriefing capabilities through its integration with SimEMR® and its highly flexible assessment features.

See more than just a snapshot. With SimEMR® integration and the unique recording capabilities of Simplicity™, not only can you debrief instantly, but you can develop robust student portfolios, following students and student groups over the course of multiple simulations.

Manage resources with ease. The comprehensive resource management features available in WorkFlow™ allow you to easily track consumables and equipment and provide you with the ability to perform cost tracking and analysis for better simulation center management.

Flexible and customizable assessment features allow you to employ multiple methods of student evaluation, from checklists and worksheets to rubric-based scoring.

Experience complete control, with no special software to install, manage or maintain. Simplicity™ WorkFlow™ is web-based and highly flexible, employing a simple, customizable design, allowing you to effectively and efficiently manage your specialized curriculum.