Simplicity™ Professional Services

Powerful tools for smarter design.

We understand the complexities of developing and maintaining a successful simulation training facility and incorporating that facility into an evolving nursing curriculum. Instead of working to accommodate your technology, KbPort Simplicity™ empowers your technology to work for you.


The Simplicity™ solution provides you with the technology and support tools you need to affect a more positive educational outcome, while maintaining focus on curriculum development and deployment, not on the devices that support them. For more information regarding KbPort Simplicity™ Professional Services, please contact the KbPort™ Sales Team.

IT & Engineering Services Installation Services Education Services Lab Design Services

Education Services    Back to Top

Get the most out of your simulation lab technology through in-depth, technology cross-training, curriculum design and support, and specialized assessment tools.
Curriculum Design
  • - Leveraged technology
  • - Curriculum plan management
Clinical simulation content
  • - Use-case development
  • - Preconfigured clinical examples
Curriculum support
  • - Ongoing Assessment
  • - Specialized reporting

Lab Design Services    Back to Top

Put our design expertise to work for you. With over 20 years experience in medical simulation facility design, we work hand in hand with your architects and contractors to ensure the quality and efficiency of your design.
Architectural design liaison
  • - Conceptual design
  • - Planning
  • - Budgeting
Contractor Collaboration
IT framework mentoring

IT & Engineering Design Services    Back to Top

Simplify the development and implementation of customized solutions with our engineering expertise, which features establishment or replacement of data-capture systems supporting your lab(s) and debriefing facilities, as well as custom product development.
IT & network architecture
  • - Data-capture systems
  • - Network infrastructure design
Integration & process improvement
  • - Systems integration
  • - Operational insight
Custom product development solutions
  • - Specialized, cross-platform software development
  • - Software and mechanical engineering

Installation Project Management    Back to Top

Take advantage of our installation project management experience. with start-to-finish installation, integration and implementation of your new or updated simulation lab into your facility and existing IT framework.
Simulation lab & debriefing installation
  • - Component installation
  • - Curriculum plan management
Systems integration
  • - IT framework planning
  • - Hardware integrations
  • - Software integrations
Installation project planning
  • - Scheduling
  • - Budgeting
  • - Resource allocation

For more information regarding KbPort Simplicity™ Professional Services, please contact the KbPort™ Sales Team.