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KbPort's technology relies on our ETC™ digital recorder (patent pending). The ETC digital recorder is designed specifically for recording medical simulation procedures in a simulation laboratory environment. Imagine the ability to view multiple camera angles of students and simulator while capturing every detail of a simulated medical procedure. Instructors and students can comment or "flag" specific events, providing state-of-the-art debriefing and comprehensive skills assessment.

Hardware and software warranties come standard. KbPort™ also offers multiple solutions for video storage and user-management.

Add on to your ETC™ with the Archiver, an innovative solution for cataloging your simulation recordings. KbPort™ also offers various mobile solutions, including our Advanced Portable ETC Pro+ and EMW In-Situ cart system.

ETC Fusion HD

The ETC Fusion HD is the latest in KbPort’s ETC recording technology.

No other recorder in the industry is able to capture the data of Gaumard, Laerdal, and CAE manikins live, in real-time, without the need to import files after the fact. The ETC Fusion HD™ is a web-based recorder with live video streaming and instantaneous debriefing from anywhere on campus. The Fusion HD is cross-platform compatible—connect to the recorder with Windows and Mac computers.

It’s newly designed user interface is easier to manage and navigate. Collapsible menus and expandable video inputs make the interface customizable to user preferences. As suggested by its name, the Fusion HD records in high-definition resulting in crisp images for detailed video debriefing. The redesigned file library allows for easy navigation through saved videos.


Vital ETC

Medical professionals need to be able to react quickly and make educated decisions based on the information at hand. Your simulation lab will prepare medical students for this type of scenario with the help of the Vital ETC™. Instructors can now capture real-time events, video and audio from your low and mid-fidelity simulators wirelessly. The Vital ETC™ allows instant access to your digital videos and event logs. Place the system on your network and view it live from a classroom or access it at a later time for debriefing.

KbPort's Vital ETC™ is now compatible with VitalSim® and SimPad® systems.* Eliminate the need to import event data logs and capture them in real-time directly to your KbPort™ Vital ETC. Debriefing for vital simulators is made easy and can be done virtually anywhere. Stream to classrooms and debriefing rooms in real time.



If you are looking for a basic skills recorder, KbPort's S-ETC™ is the perfect solution for you. The S-ETC is a web based recorder that is installed with a Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera and microphone. The recordings can easily be viewed over your network for teaching and debriefing purposes.

For your low to mid fidelity manikins, take it a step further and consider KbPort's Vital ETC™. The Vital ETC™ is the perfect recorder for capturing video and log files from your lower fidelity manikins. The Vital ETC™ is now compatible with VitalSim® and SimPad® systems.*

Users usually include those who are teaching skills and patient assessment. Nursing, medical, and first responder schools find this product to be very helpful in recording and debriefing of trainings such as CPR where manikin integration is not necessary. For customers that require VitalSim integration, the Vital ETC is available.


EMW In-Situ

KbPort’s EMW In-Situ, a compact and reliable mobile workstation, utilizes the latest wired and wireless technologies. This allows for integration into any simulation setting. The cart houses the ETC Pro+ with scheduling, inventory management, assessment and archival software. Four superior optical cameras and tripods are easily attached to the cart for fast transport to your next simulation or debriefing area.

The EMW In-Situ can easily be retrofitted to a fixed lab setting down the road.

Free upgrade to Version 6 (2013 release).

Those who purchase the EMW In-Situ want the most advanced cart in the market. With scheduling, inventory, assessment, and archiving capabilities, the EMW In-Situ is an all in one mobile package. It is quick and simple to setup, break down, and move to the next training location.



The EMW-2 cart system is perfect for individuals who need to record multi-room simulations throughout their facility. The ETC Pro+, a Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera and a digital USB camera capture your entire simulation, making debriefing a breeze. The motorized user platform adjusts to bring the controls to a comfortable working height for any individual. The EMW-2 is prewired, allowing for easy setup by even the most novice users.

Customers who purchase the EMW-2 require mobility around their facility. Often, customers want to be able to use their system in several different training environments and cannot afford to outfit their entire facility. With the EMW-2, instructors can follow students as they train moving between departments such as emergency, to operative, to patient recovery.


Advanced Portable ETC Pro+

Our Advanced Portable ETC Pro+ system is excellent for those who have to train on the move and don’t have the comforts of a fixed lab. Without sacrificing portability, the advanced system has the ability to archive movies and fulfill your scheduling, inventory and assessment needs.

The system runs on a compact, lightweight laptop easily stowed and transported in a hard case to your next training environment. It also utilizes the most up-to-date wireless technologies increasing its portability and usefulness as a teaching and debriefing tool.

Users are usually those who travel to multiple sites or follow simulations through several environments while keeping track of assessments and inventory. It is highly recommended by those conducting EMS training because of is portability. Throw it in a backpack or under your manikin to record the life saving steps from the point of EMS arrival, to recovery in the hospital.


Portable ETC Pro+

KbPort™ has the ultimate design when the need for portability arises. Our Portable Fusion HD™ system is excellent for EMS training or where portability is a necessity. The recording system runs on a compact, lightweight laptop easily stowed and transported in a hard case to your next training environment. The Portable ETC Pro+ can serve as a substitute for a fixed lab and can later be used in a fixed lab should you decide to build one.

EMS training facilities and emergency department personnel like this product because it is very portable and able to follow a simulation anywhere. Whether you need to record in a burning car, a collapsed building, or in a simulated nursing lab, the Portable ETC Pro+ can do the job. It is also easy to debrief either on site or over the network.


* VitalSim® and SimPad® are trademarks of Laerdal Medical, Inc. KbPort, LLC is not affiliated with Laerdal Medical, Inc.

MP-1 Multi-touch Interactive 55" Display

KbPort’s MP-1 revolutionizes the way simulation centers are collaborating. From debriefing to multi-site collaboration, the MP-1’s multi-touch interactive 55” display allows both local and remote viewers to control your simulation software. Its high-definition display makes it easy to see those little details that are important when training a medical professional.


Debriefing is the key to a student’s success and understanding when it comes to education. Using the MP-1, simulation videos can be reviewed and students can be critiqued with little effort. KbPort™ software allows you to stream live video and control simulation recording right from your MP-1. With built-in whiteboard features, it makes for the perfect teaching and debriefing tool.

Distance Learning

Whether you’re separated by time and distance, or you need to alleviate capacity restraints, The MP-1 allows you to collaborate with colleagues around the world. The high-definition display and video conferencing technology make you feel like you’re really there and lessen the amount of expenses associated with traveling. Local and remote viewers can share control of the simulation via a PC, Smartphone or tablet PC.


The MP-1 is great for doing demonstrations and presentations over the internet, saving time and travel expenses. Furthermore, it works great when troubleshooting technical issues providing real-time visual feedback. Use it to call KbPort™ and receive state-of-the-art technical support.

Key Features
  • High-definition multi-touch interactive 55” display
  • Interactive Built-in Whiteboard
  • High-Definition camera for video conferencing
  • Built-in sound bar and microphones for superior audio
  • Multi-site collaboration
  • Remote view scenarios
  • Both local and remote viewers can control the MP-1 via a PC, Tablet, or Smartphone.
  • No IT infrastructure investment.



Blood Pressure Measurement Simulator

BPsim provides controlled practice to achieve high competency in detecting and measuring blood pressure. The realistic manual blood pressure cuff can be used on standardized patients and mannequin simulators. The BPsim is managed from a remote tablet and can be programmed for any range of blood pressure: Hypo-tension, Normal, Pre-hypertension, Hypertension (Stages 1 & 2) and Hypertensive Crisis.

Watch our video demonstration of the BPsim!

Key Features
  • Works With Any Standard Stethoscope
  • Realistic Analog Sphygmomanometer
  • Programmable Systolic and Diastolic (mmHg) Settings
  • Realistic Korotkoff Sounds
  • Programmable Heart Rate
  • Multiple Cuff Units Can Be Controlled By One Tablet
  • Rechargeable Battery for 9 Hours of Usage



The L-Scope is a video laryngoscope used in conjunction with medical simulators for training purposes only. It is an all-in-one rigid device with the popular MAC3 blade design. This device will help assist instructors in teaching students how to intubate a patient properly. The L-Scope features the popular ETC recording technology built within the compact design. The unit has the ability to transmit live video and data directly to a Windows installed client computer or to an ETC Pro+ recording system as an auxiliary input. It can also record internally using the built-in Micro SD card.

Key Features
  • Battery has an estimated runtime of 2 hours
  • Quick access to features while intubating your simulator
  • Built-in camera utilizes KbPort’s ETC Fusion HD™ technology
  • Record internally with built-in Micro SD card
  • LED located within blade tip for complete illumination of the airway
  • Adjustable brightness levels via keypad or from the web interface
  • MAC3 Blade Design



The Archiver represents a breakthrough for customers who store and catalog multiple ETC recordings. With the help of the Archiver, data can now be collected from all of your ETCs for easy storage and playback. The Archiver automatically syncs with your ETCs during the night so not to disrupt your operation during the day. Students and instructors can access movies through the archiver by logging into the system from anywhere on campus.



KbPort’s WorkFlow™ allows instructors and administrators to run an efficient and successful simulation lab. This novel software package is designed specifically with your simulation lab in mind. From scheduling courses and keeping inventory, to creating and administering exams, WorkFlow™ does it all.

Designed by individuals in the field, WorkFlow™ is certain to relieve frustration and simplify your daily operations. There is no longer a need for tedious hours spent inventorying your supplies or paper schedules that get lost in the pile on your desk. Educators are able to build assessments to critique their students’ performance in formats that best fit the training requirements. With the help of WorkFlow™, everything is incorporated into a central database and can be easily accessed throughout your training facility.


Adding to the feature rich WorkFlow™ solution, SPSim™ provides an integrated solution to conduct SP-based, Simulator-based, as well as hybrid simulation in your simulation center. SPSim™ offers a smart solution for OSCE examinations and other clinical skill learning encounters. As a web-enabled application, the solution offers flexibility on accessibility and collaboration. An integrated central command station allows centralized monitoring, recording, and administration of the sessions.

Inquire online or over the phone and we will be more than happy to provide you with an online demonstration of WorkFlow™.


Portable Walls

KbPort's lightweight pop-up portable walls allow you to quickly and easily transform any training environment into the realistic scenario of your choice.

Portable Wall Pricing

7 foot wide pop-up wall — $2,500.00*

10 foot wide pop-up wall — $3,025.00*

Optional protective podium case — $495.00*

Virtual Wallpapers

KbPort's wallpaper and curtain scenes transform your training environment into the realistic scenario of your choice. Our wallpapers have high-quality images printed onto professional-grade, non-adhesive wall covering using a 4-color digital printing process. Available in various heights from 7.5 feet to 9.5 feet. Note that the maximum height can vary by scene.

Browse our various wallpapers, click each image to enlarge. For more information, contact us.

Wallpaper Pricing

$15.50 per square foot*

If you have a 8.5 foot high wall and you wish to cover a space 20 feet wide:
8.5 x 20 x $15.50 = $2,635.00

Curtain Pricing

$17.00 per square foot*

If you have a 9 foot high wall and you wish to cover a space 16 feet wide:
9 x 16 x $17.00 = $2,448.00

* Taxes, shipping and handling not included.


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