Simplicity™ Management Tools

Comprehensive tools for smart management.

SimCenter Management
Simulation projects, especially large-scale, can be an administrative and logistics nightmare. They are technologically challenging, bound by tight budgets and typically are on a fast track. Simplicity™ WorkFlow™, a powerful SimCenter management tool, allows instructors to schedule courses throughout their facility, maintain inventory levels, assess student performance, analyze valuable simulation center data, and much more.

Investment Management
Building, maintaining and managing a simulation facility is a large investment. Simplicity™ allows you to better manage that investment with the Technology Management Plan ™ (TMP). TMP goes beyond today's needs of your simulation facility to protect and develop that investment for the future.


Simplicity™ WorkFlow™

WorkFlow™, designed by individuals in the field, allows instructors to schedule courses throughout their facility, maintain inventory levels and assess student performance.

The question and answer format database in the Assessment module permits instructors to customize information to their training needs. WorkFlow™ provides users the ability to generate numerous reports examining time efficiency, student performance and resource usage. This comprehensive web-based application is customizable and can be accessed throughout the training facility.

Clinical simulation using standardized patients bring the next step in simulation-based learning for medical education. SPSim™ builds off of the feature-rich WorkFlow™, providing an integrated solution to conduct SP-based, simulator-based, as well as hybrid simulation in your simulation center. SPSim™ integrates with KbPort's ETC Fusion HD™ recording and debriefing system to allow automated video recording for clinical encounters to be used for self-reflection, debriefing and training. SPSim™ offers a smart solution for OSCE examinations and other clinical skill learning encounters for training and assessment. A Central Command station allows centralized monitoring and administration of the sessions. As a web-enabled application, the solution offers flexibility and alleviates the hassles of installing software. An easy to use work-flow wizard allows for self-guided training.

The application offers the following functions:

KbPort™ understands that simulation labs are costly to build and operate. We know how essential planning and time-management is in using your simulation lab efficiently. The WorkFlow™ Scheduling Module allows administrators and instructors to view the activities in the lab and plan accordingly. This minimizes the need for paper schedules attached to doors and emails filling up your inbox.

Standardized Patient Management
SPSim™ offers an integrated solution for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations(OSCE) and other clinical skill learning encounters. As a web-enabled part of WorkFlow™, SPS™im provides an integrated central command station allowing centralized monitoring, recording, and administration of the sessions.

Course Management
Facilities large and small benefit from the WorkFlow™ Course Management Module. With WorkFlow™, administrators can build courses, instructors can manage their classes, and students can access a wealth of information. Facilitators can also use this module to develop and manage courses where people log in and sign up for a time slot.

The WorkFlow™ Assessment Module goes hand-in-hand with the Course Management Module. Instructors have the capability of posting assignments for students to access. Students can take an on-line quiz, review videos, and critique simulation experiences.

Inventory Management
Tracking inventory can be an extremely daunting task, especially for large, high-traffic centers. The WorkFlow™ Inventory Module is an all encompassing logistical tool helping users manage consumables and equipment. Its unique reporting notifies administrators of low quantities and assists in the ordering process.

The easy-to-use reporting module aids administrators in looking at statistical data on their simulation labs. WorkFlow™ enables administrators to analyze their simulation center by providing numerous reports including resource usage, equipment costs, inter-rater reliability, and return on investment. KbPort’s technical staff works with you to develop reports that best fit your center’s goals.

Technology Management Plan™ (TMP)
Eliminate costs lost to obsolescence with Simplicity™ TMP's always-current ETC™ core software upgrades and biennial ETC™ core hardware replacement. Keep new and existing key staff members well-trained and up-to-date with Simplicity™ TMP's annual on-site training, making turnover a concern of the past. Utilization reports allow for real-time review and comprehensive analysis of system usage, enabling improved management and maximized ROI. Extended technical support enables facilitators, instructors, and administrators to get answers to common problems quickly, saving time and money from loss of use. Extensive break/fix warranties further protect your system from loss of use from downtime.
Technology Management Plan