Real solutions, made simple.

Simplicity™ Overview

The Simplicity™ solution provides the technology and support tools you need to affect a more positive educational outcome, while maintaining focus on curriculum development and deployment, not on the devices that support them.

Design & Manage

  • Reduce costs of acquisition and ownership
  • Enjoy benefits of real scalability
  • Eliminate costs lost to obsolescence
  • Make turnover a concern of the past
  • Maximize efficiency and productivity of facilitators/instructors
  • Avoid downtime

Create & Capture

  • Experience enhanced depth & realism via:
    • Powerful temporal capabilities of SimEMR®
    • SimLink™ full integration with data collection devices such as medication dispensing carts, patient monitors, SimEMR®, and more 
  • Enjoy ease-of-use and shortened learning curve made possible by the streamlined, all-in-one interface of Simplicity™

Debrief & Assess

  • Save time and money with our web-based WorkFlow™ system: 
    • Eliminates the need for special software and maintenance
  • Debrief in a more complete way with powerful integrations
  • Add depth with management & assessment features of WorkFlow™
    • Create robust student profiles and portfolios
    • Employ multiple methods of assessment scoring
    • Quickly and easily manage resources, track costs, perform cost analyses

Featured in 2018

We build the most versatile, comprehensive solutions in the market, with simplicity in mind.

FusionHD™ version 6.5

Extend the power of your ETC FusionHD™ recording and debriefing system with our new Version 6.5 Expansion Modules.

Fusion Kiosk™

Protect the privacy of your learners and prepare them for evolving technology in hospital settings using Fusion Kiosk™.


Collect physiological data from devices measuring it and display that data in real time. Changes in data are tagged with flags and events.

FusionHD™ + SimPad®

ETC FusionHD™ integrates in real time with SimPad® PLUS to link, capture, and display the vitals and event data generated from SimPad® PLUS and Laerdal® Medical simulators.

Medication Dispensing

For a more complete and realistic simulation experience, combine KbPort's Simplicity™ medication dispensing solutions with the power of SimEMR® and other simulation devices.

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