Simplicity™ Design - Facilities

Real solutions, made simple.

Choose the design framework to fit your planned or existing simulation environment, from mobile labs to fixed skills labs, SP labs, high-fidelity labs and multi-lab environments. We design and install environmentally responsible and fully scalable solutions to meet all of your simulation lab needs. Avoid the costs associated with overcomplicated, overbuilt architecture. The environmentally-friendly, reduced footprint of Simplicity™ offers massively lower costs of ownership, while its sleek, streamlined design provides maximum functionality as well as long-term scalability.


Enterprise Lab Environments
Simplicity™ Enterprise is a flexible, powerful, 100% customizable solution suited to environments with multiple simulation labs. The solution includes design, installation, training, and a comprehensive support and warranty package. With multiple-room recording capabilities and a Fusion HD Central Command Center, experience the power of Simplicity™ across all of your lab environments. Typical Enterprise Solutions include: multiple room recording, ETC™ Central Command Center, archiving and storage, EMW cart solutions, telephone and web support, WorkFlow™ (Simplicity™ scheduling, inventory, assessment and SimCenter Management software), video conferencing and distance learning, extended protection, on-site training and web-based training.


High Fidelity Lab Environments
Simplicity™ Single-Room is a turn-key solution for those with high-fidelity manikins. It captures the whole picture utilizing ETC Fusion HD™ recording technology and superior optic cameras. Capturing log files and patient monitors in real time allow for instant feedback unlike other companies. Live video feeds and saved recordings are accessible from your classrooms and debriefing areas through a web browser. KbPort™ integrates with your simulator, installs the recording system, and trains you on how to operate the equipment to achieve highest quality simulation experience.


Skills Lab Environments
If you are looking for a basic skills recording system, Simplicity™ S-ETC™ is the perfect solution for you. The S-ETC™ is a web based recorder that is installed with a Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera and microphone. The recordings can easily be viewed over your network for teaching and debriefing purposes.

Users usually include those who are teaching skills and patient assessment. Nursing, medical, and first responder schools find this product to be very helpful in recording and debriefing of trainings such as CPR where manikin integration is not necessary. For customers that require VitalSim® integration, the Vital ETC™ is available.

VitalSim® is a trademark of Laerdal Medical, Inc. KbPort, LLC is not affiliated with Laerdal Medical, Inc.


Mobile Lab Environments
KbPort™ has the ultimate design when the need for portability arises. Our Portable Fusion HD™ system is excellent for EMS training or where portability is a necessity. The recording system runs on a compact, lightweight Microsoft Surface™ tablet easily stowed and transported in a durable, soft-sided case to your next training environment. The only portable system capable of recording from a tablet, the Portable Fusion HD™ system can serve as a substitute for a fixed lab and can later be used in a fixed lab should you decide to build one.

EMS training facilities and emergency department personnel like this product because it is very portable and able to follow a simulation anywhere. Whether you need to record in a burning car, a collapsed building, or in a simulated nursing lab, the Portable Fusion HD™ system can do the job. It is also easy to debrief either on site or over the network.


SP Lab Environments

Clinical simulation using standardized patients bring the next step in simulation-based learning for medical education. SPSim™ builds off of the feature-rich WorkFlow™, providing an integrated solution to conduct SP-based, simulator-based, as well as hybrid simulation in your simulation center. SPSim™ integrates with KbPort's ETC Fusion HD™ recording and debriefing system to allow automated video recording for clinical encounters to be used for self-reflection, debriefing and training.

SPSim™ offers a smart solution for OSCE examinations and other clinical skill learning encounters for training and assessment. A Central Command station allows centralized monitoring and administration of the sessions.

As a web-enabled application, the solution offers flexibility and alleviates the hassles of installing software. An easy to use work-flow wizard allows for self-guided training.