Simplicity™ Debriefing Tools

Flexible tools for powerful learning.

Create in a more complete way, debrief in a more complete way. Simplicity™ add-on components add depth and enhanced realism to your simulation sessions and debriefing capabilities.


MP-1™ Multi-touch Interactive 57” Display

KbPort’s MP-1™ revolutionizes the way simulation centers are collaborating. From debriefing to multi-site collaboration, the multi-touch interactive 57” display of the MP-1™ allows both local and remote viewers to control your simulation software. Its high-definition display makes it easy to see those little details that are important when training a medical professional.

Debriefing is the key to a student’s success and understanding when it comes to education. Using the MP-1™, simulation videos can be reviewed and students can be critiqued with little effort. KbPort™ software allows you to stream live video and control simulation recording right from your MP-1™. With built-in whiteboard features, it makes for the perfect teaching and debriefing tool.

Distance Learning
Whether you’re separated by time and distance, or you need to alleviate capacity restraints, The MP-1™ allows you to collaborate with colleagues around the world. The high-definition display and video conferencing technology make you feel like you're really there and lessen the amount of expenses associated with traveling. Local and remote viewers can share control of the simulation via a PC, Smartphone or tablet PC.

The MP-1™ is great for doing demonstrations and presentations over the internet, saving time and travel expenses. Furthermore, it works great when troubleshooting technical issues providing real-time visual feedback. Use it to call KbPort™ and receive state-of-the-art technical support.

    Key Features
  • • High-definition multi-touch interactive 57” display
  • • Interactive Built-in Whiteboard
  • • High-definition camera for video conferencing
  • • Built-in sound bar and microphones for superior audio
  • • Multi-site collaboration
  • • Remote view scenarios
  • • Both local and remote viewers can control the MP-1™ via a PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • • No IT infrastructure investment