Simplicity™ Recording Systems

Simple architecture for smarter simulation.

Avoid the costs associated with overcomplicated, overbuilt architecture. The environmentally-friendly, reduced footprint of Simplicity™ offers massively lower costs of ownership, while its sleek, streamlined design provides maximum functionality as well as long-term scalability. KbPort's technology relies on our ETC™ digital recorder. The ETC™ digital recorder is designed specifically for recording medical simulation procedures in a simulation laboratory environment.

Simplicity™ -- where form meets function.


ETC Fusion HD™
ETC Fusion HD™ is able to capture the data of Gaumard®, Laerdal™, Simulaids™ and CAE™ manikins* live, in real-time, without the need to import files after the fact. ETC Fusion HD™ is a web-based recorder with live video streaming and instantaneous debriefing from anywhere. ETC Fusion HD™ is cross-platform compatible -- connect to the recorder with Windows, Mac and Android devices.

The newly redesigned ETC Fusion HD™ user interface is easier to manage and navigate. Collapsible menus and expandable video inputs make the interface customizable to user preferences. As suggested by its name, ETC Fusion HD™ records in high-definition resulting in crisp images for detailed video debriefing. The redesigned file library allows for easy navigation through saved videos.


Vital ETC™
Medical professionals need to be able to react quickly and make educated decisions based on the information at hand. Your simulation lab will prepare medical students for this type of scenario with the help of the Vital ETC™. Instructors can now capture real-time events, video and audio from your low and mid-fidelity simulators wirelessly. The Vital ETC™ allows instant access to your digital videos and event logs. Place the system on your network and view it live from a classroom or access it at a later time for debriefing.

KbPort’s Vital ETC™ is now compatible with VitalSim® and SimPad® systems.* Eliminate the need to import event data logs and capture them in real-time directly to your KbPort™ Vital ETC™. Debriefing for vital simulators is made easy and can be done virtually anywhere. Stream to classrooms and debriefing rooms in real time.



If you are looking for a basic skills recorder, KbPort's S-ETC™ is the perfect solution. The S-ETC™ is a web-based recorder that is installed with a Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera and microphone. The recordings can easily be viewed over your network for teaching and debriefing purposes.

Users usually include those who are teaching skills and patient assessment. Nursing, medical, and first-responder schools find this product to be very helpful in recording and debriefing of trainings such as CPR, where manikin integration is not necessary. For customers that require VitalSim® integration, the Vital ETC™ is available.


EMW In-Situ™

The most advanced cart in the market, KbPort's EMW In-Situ™, a compact and reliable mobile workstation, utilizes the lastest wired and wireless technologies, which allows for integration into any simulation setting. The cart houses the ETC FusionHD™ system with scheduling, inventory management, assessment and archival software. Two superior optical cameras and tripods are easily attached to the cart for fast transport to your next simulation or debriefing area.

Those who purchase EMW In-Situ™ want the most advanced, mobile-ready cart available. With scheduling, inventory, assessment, and archiving capabilities, EMU In-Situ™ is an all-in-one mobile package. It is quick and simple to setup, break down, and move to the next training location and can easily be retrofitted to a fixed-lab setting later.


Portable Fusion HD™
KbPort™ has the ultimate design when the need for portability arises. Our Portable FusionHD™ system is excellent for EMS training or wherever portability is a necessity. The recording system runs on a compact, lightweight laptop (w/hard shell carry case) or tablet (w/soft-sided carry case) and is easily stowed and transported to your next training environment. The powerful and scalable Portable FusionHD™ system can serve as a substitute for a fixed lab and can later be used in a fixed lab, should you decide to build one.

EMS training facilities and emergency department personnel like this product because it is completely portable and able to follow a simulation anywhere. Whether you need to record in a burning car, a collapsed building, or in a simulated nursing lab, the Portable FusionHD™ system can do the job. It is also easy to debrief either on site or over the network.


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