Simplicity™ Assessment Tools

Flexible tools for effective education.

Experience complete control, with no special software to install, manage or maintain. Simplicity™ WorkFlow™ is web-based and highly flexible, employing a simple, customizable design, allowing you to effectively and efficiently manage your specialized curriculum.


The flexible and customizable assessment features of WorkFlow™ allow you to employ multiple methods of student evaluation, from checklists and worksheets to rubric-based scoring. The question and answer format database in the Assessment Module in WorkFlow™ permits instructors to customize information to their specific training needs. WorkFlow™ provides administrators with the ability to generate numerous reports examining time efficiency, student performance and resource usage. This comprehensive web-based application is customizable and can be accessed throughout the training facility. For more information regarding the available assessment modules in WorkFlow™, and their features, please contact the KbPort™ Sales Team.

SimAssess™ is a rubric-based assessment toolkit for performance evaluation in medical simulation, measuring clinical training effectiveness, curriculum development, and more.

SimAssess™ provides timely and meaningful feedback through automated evaluation and statistics on key performance data. Comprehensive data analytics provide insight to individual performance, group performance, clinical training effectiveness, and curriculum development. Add insight to your simulation-based training and achieve a more positive educational outcome with SimAssess™.

Powerful Integration with SimAssess

  • ✔ Cloud-based (accessible and secure)
  • ✔ Convenient (quick setup, simple session codes)
  • ✔ Powerful
    • + Integrates with KbPort ETC FusionHD™
    • + Integrates with SimEMR®
    • + Real-time and custom reports
  • ✔ Flexible
    • + Online rubric creator
    • + Import rubrics
    • + Management tools