Simplicity™ Add-on Components

Flexible tools for powerful learning.

Create in a more complete way, debrief in a more complete way. Simplicity™ add-on components add depth and enhanced realism to your simulation sessions and debriefing capabilities.


AVMatix™ & AVMatix Paging™
The AVMatix™ is a unique KbPort™ simulation overhead paging tool that also serves as an intercom and sound effects device built into one, compact hardware and software package. Use the push-to-talk feature to broadcast your voice into the lab and play pre-recorded sounds, such as: alarms, sirens, gunshots and more. AVMatix Paging™ extends the capabilities of AVMatix™ to serve multiple rooms within your facility. These devices compliment the small, cost effective footprint of the KbPort Simplicity™ solution.

    Key Features
  • • Easy to use software
  • • Easy to install
  • • Provides phantom power for microphone
  • • NEMA rated enclosure or standard 19" single rack unit
  • • Single Power over Ethernet connection [IP Addressable]
  • • Playback of pre-recorded audio files [10 files provided]
  • • Ability to import your own audio files - WAV, MP3, M4A, and more
  • • Push-To-Talk Intercom - Bidirectional and hands free in lab
  • • Connect with multiple recorders
  • • Works with or without an ETC™ recording server

MP-1™ Multi-touch Interactive 57” Display

KbPort’s MP-1™ revolutionizes the way simulation centers are collaborating. From debriefing to multi-site collaboration, the multi-touch interactive 57” display of the MP-1™ allows both local and remote viewers to control your simulation software. Its high-definition display makes it easy to see those little details that are important when training a medical professional.

Debriefing is the key to a student’s success and understanding when it comes to education. Using the MP-1™, simulation videos can be reviewed and students can be critiqued with little effort. KbPort™ software allows you to stream live video and control simulation recording right from your MP-1™. With built-in whiteboard features, it makes for the perfect teaching and debriefing tool.

Distance Learning
Whether you’re separated by time and distance, or you need to alleviate capacity restraints, The MP-1™ allows you to collaborate with colleagues around the world. The high-definition display and video conferencing technology make you feel like you're really there and lessen the amount of expenses associated with traveling. Local and remote viewers can share control of the simulation via a PC, Smartphone or tablet PC.

The MP-1™ is great for doing demonstrations and presentations over the internet, saving time and travel expenses. Furthermore, it works great when troubleshooting technical issues providing real-time visual feedback. Use it to call KbPort™ and receive state-of-the-art technical support.

    Key Features
  • • High-definition multi-touch interactive 57” display
  • • Interactive built-in whiteboard
  • • High-definition camera for video conferencing
  • • Built-in sound bar and microphones for superior audio
  • • Multi-site collaboration
  • • Remote view scenarios
  • • Both local and remote viewers can control the MP-1™ via a PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • • No IT infrastructure investment

Simplicity™ Archiver™
The Archiver™ represents a breakthrough for customers who store and catalog multiple ETC™ recordings. With the help of the Archiver™, data can now be collected from all of your ETCs™ for easy storage and playback. The Archiver™ automatically syncs with your ETCs™ during the night so not to disrupt your operation during the day. Students and instructors can access movies through the Archiver™ by logging into the system from anywhere on campus.


Sim 360 HD Sim360HD™
Sim360HD™ is the first 180° wall mount or 360° surround view ceiling-mounted camera for medical simulation with superb image quality. A single Sim360HD™ camera allows the controller to select up to four custom areas of interest, simultaneously and in real time, and each view allows multiple presets. It's like having four Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras in one small package, but with no moving parts to distract students.

Sim360HD™ integrates seamlessly with our ETC™ series recorders. Playback of your simulation movies for debriefing has never been easier. Pause the video at a point of interest and rotate the image in any direction. Imagine being able to pan, tilt, and zoom during playback of a pre-recorded movie. Now, with the Sim360HD™, you can.


KbPort Compact Kiosk KbPort Compact Kiosk™
KbPort Compact Kiosk™ increases simulation center efficiency by providing quick, easy, centralized access to important information.This highly advanced kiosk solution allows users to self-register for simulation sessions, check-in and check-out with the swipe of a card, quickly access center and session information, complete instructor and self-assessments, and more. Network ready (wired/wireless) and pre-loaded with software, this powerful kiosk solution can be installed in minutes. KbPort Compact Kiosk™ features a 17-inch, touchscreen, LCD monitor and 2.60GHz dual core computer with Windows 7 Professional, in a stylish and secure, stainless steel, wall-mountable enclosure.

    Key Features
  • • Automated card login
    • - Swipe card, barcode scanner card
  • • Center management and utilization
    • - Check-in/out student activity reports
    • - Visitor check-in/out
    • - SP Time Card - check-in/out for SP attendance
  • • Self sign-up for simulation sessions
  • • Welcome signage, including slide presentation
  • • Background color and logo customization
  • • Green timer (user-controlled auto shut down)
  • • Central management - remotely manage all kiosks (one or many) from any location
  • • All steel, wall-mountable, secure enclosure
    • - Keyed-access mount and enclosure
  • • 17-inch LCD touchscreen monitor
  • • Intel 2.60GHz dual-core computer
    • - Windows OS
    • - 2GB DDR3 memory
    • - 60GB solid state hard drive
    • - Wired and wireless capable
    • - USB ports for optional peripherals (2xUSB3.0, 4xUSB2.0)
    • - Internal amplified stereo speakers
  • • Poster holder for custom messages
  • • Mounting hardware and instructions
  • • System training guide
  • • Standard KbPort™ parts warranty

ECC - ETC Command Center ECC™ - ETC Command Center
ECC™ allows end-users to control all ETC™ recorders from one central location. All video feeds from the various rooms throughout the simulation center are displayed on a large monitor, making it easy for technicians to monitor the entire training facility and make adjustments to camera angles as needed.

Commonly used in OSCE and SP training facilities, the ECC™ has the ability to accommodate 20 rooms with 2 cameras each. The ECC™ software is also capable of paging and timing the encounters it is recording to ensure that each encounter is standardized.

  • • 40” to 65” monitor w/mount
  • • Up to 20 rooms displayed with up to 2 cameras per room
  • • ECC™ software
  • • Standard KbPort™ parts warranty
    Key Features
  • • Scheduling via KbPort WorkFlow™ software
  • • Auto-start, auto-stop recording for each ETC™
  • • Auto-archiving feature
  • • Selectable room audio for monitoring
  • • Labeled camera images for easy control