About Our Company

Technological expertise, made simple.

KbPort™ is a software and hardware development company. Our main focus has been in the medical training community where our founder has been designing recording, debriefing, and simulator solutions since 1994. We have a team of cutting edge engineers who have developed the next generation of simulation teaching tools. Along with our experienced sales team, we have cultivated teaching tools that are simple, realistic and most of all, functional.

About Our Process

KbPort™ builds tools that assist the teaching community with recording, debriefing, course management, inventory management, user management, scheduling management, storage, and simulator component integration. We have designed our own simulators that work in conjunction with hi-fidelity manikins and standardized patients, which together create the most realistic hospital training environment.

We build the most simple, yet comprehensive, solutions in the market using your network. Our solutions are designed by a company that knows simulation and engineering. Our team designs simulation technology, meaning we are creating the actual software from scratch to do the job correct, which eliminates unnecessary components.

KbPort™ takes great pride in not using subcontractors. From research and development, to manufacturing and installation, to training and technical support, nothing is outsourced, which allows KbPort™ to provide the highest-quality service to clients, while providing those clients with access to the latest technology.

About Simplicity™

Real solutions, made simple. Design & Manage - Choose the design framework to fit your planned or existing simulation environment, from mobile labs to fixed skills labs and high-fidelity labs, we design and install environmentally responsible and fully scalable solutions to meet your simulation lab needs. Create & Capture - Create realistic scenarios, manage inventory and lab assets, capture and systematize data from all devices involved in clinical simulation sessions, including low-fidelity and high-fidelity manikins, and medical carts, and assimilate into simulated EHR with the touch of a button. Debrief & Assess - Clarify and consolidate insights and lessons from clinical simulation sessions, complete in-depth assessment of clinical procedural skills and maximize efficiency and effectiveness of your simulation solution. Click here to learn more about KbPort's powerful Simplicity™ solution.