Design & Manage

Choose the design framework to fit your planned or existing simulation environment, from mobile labs to fixed skills labs and high-fidelity labs, we design and install environmentally responsible and fully scalable solutions to meet your simulation lab needs.

Create & Capture

Create realistic scenarios, manage inventory and lab assets, capture and systematize data from all devices involved in clinical simulation sessions, including low-fidelity and high-fidelity manikins, and medical carts, and assimilate into simulated EHR with the touch of a button.

Debrief & Assess

Clarify and consolidate insights and lessons from clinical simulation sessions, complete in-depth assessment of clinical procedural skills and maximize efficiency and effectiveness of your simulation solution.

Leverage the full power of your simulation lab...

Small Footprint
Unparalleled Realism
Complete Scalability
Lifecycle Control
Positive Educational Outcome
Maximized ROI
Complete Integration
Fully Customizable
Improved Timeline

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